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While participating in the Western Tamang MTB-MLE awareness program, Kanchhi Maya Tamang (45), a mother from the Jharlang village, exclaimed: “Now my dream has become reality. That means my children have the opportunity to learn to read in their own language.” Maya Tamang went on to say that the MTB-MLE program will really help to

Transferring writing skills across languages

Prabin Tamang, Math teacher of Chyampra Devi Secondary School, participated in the Grade 2 Western Tamang mother tongue language subject material production workshop in Oct 2018. At the end of the workshop, he was excited to see Tamang children reading materials being developed by Tamang people and he could be a part of it. He

When love goes beyond language boundary

Miss Sangita Tamang Neupane is one of the kindergarten teachers from Shree Dongden Devi Secondary School, where the Western Tamang MTB-MLE programme is implemented. She came to the Tipling village eight years ago after getting married to her Western Tamang husband. Her love for her husband extends to the Western Tamang language and the community.

I can speak Nepali now

When I was in KG class I could not speak any Nepali, but I could learn and understand because teacher taught us using Rajbanshi language. As I progressed up the grades, I could gradually speak Nepali. Whenever there are guests visiting the school, I could speak to them in Nepali easily now. ~ Shrijana Rajbanshi,

Education and hope

Rishidev community is living in a Rajbanshi village near Bishnu School. They speak Rajbanshi language but their culture is different from Rajbanshi. Most of the people from this community are illiterate. They did not care about education for their children. Every year they enrolled their children in government school in order to get subsidy from

Our children enjoy going to MLE school

‘Even though Harira MLE School is far away from our village, we still send our children to the MLE School. We see the difference between MLE School and government school in our own villages. Our children learn many things from MLE School. Most important is that they enjoy going to MLE School. Our children need

I never absent from class

Merajkansar (20) is a young Muslim lady. When she was young, there was no school in her village. She didn't have chance to study. She enrolled in the class immediately once she heard about the program. She is very eager to learn and grasps every moment to study.

My dream comes true

Laljati (60) is the oldest student in Khaling literacy class in 2003. After she completed the course, she wrote a letter to NNLPI. "Thank you so much for conducting a literacy class for us. In the past, I could not read and write. After the class, I still cannot write a good letter but I will try to write this letter to express my sincere thanks to...

The Oldest Student

Limbuwani (50) is one of oldest students in Rajbanshi literacy class. She is a widow and has to be independent. Since she was illiterate, she had a very hard time going to government offices. When she heard about the literacy class, she enrolled immediately. She attends the class regularly and pays close attention. The fifth day of the first week, the teacher taught numbers 1-100....

My family can read and write now

Renuka is one of Rajbanshi literacy teachers. She is a college student. She loves to learn new things and she did very well in teacher's training. Her mother and a few relatives are in her class. Renuka is very happy to teach them even though it is hard to teach her own family members sometimes. This is what she shared with us after two months...